Free NHS Health Checks in Hull Email: Freephone: 0845 519 3423


NHS Health Checks help people learn more about their health – in a way that doesn’t judge, but which supports them.

Free NHS Health Checks in Hull are carried out by our trained healthy lifestyles advisor Hannah Dobson.


Who is eligible for a free NHS Health Check?

  • People aged 40 - 74
  • Living and registered with a GP in Hull
  • Who have not previously been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease or had a stroke
  • Who are not on statins
  • Who have not had an NHS Health Check in the last five years.

What happens at the NHS Health Check?

Hannah checks a person’s BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist measurements and asks lifestyle questions about smoking, alcohol and exercise. Each person receives a heart age and CVD risk score based on their individual results, along with a tailored plan of simple lifestyle changes they can make to improve their health.


Extra support

After their NHS Health Check, Hannah encourages people to join Best-You, a free online community offering healthy lifestyles help and advice. Best-You is a great place for people to:

  • Learn about their health and wellbeing
  • Join groups of people supporting each other
  • Find helpful tips and tools to set goals and track how they’re doing.

People needing extra support or with cholesterol and blood pressure concerns are referred on to their GP or to specialist stop smoking, drug, alcohol or weight management services in Hull, as required.

Contact us

ICE Healthy Lifestyles team
0845 519 3423