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Small changes to your drinking habits and lifestyle can make a big difference to your health - for you and your loved ones

Take one small step today

A simple pledge to manage your drinking, or do something new or different, can help you on your way to feeling your best. Stuck for ideas on what to pledge? Get some tips on our pledge ideas page!

Pledge ideas

Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire is helping people like you to feel their best. Helping you on your way with simple lifestyle changes to:

  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Lose weight
  • Be more active
  • Stop smoking

They did it. You can too

“I’d got into the habit of drinking every night. I gradually cut down & now have two drink-free nights a week. My sleep has improved & I’m feeling much better the next day”

Jenny, Cheltenham

“On nights out I felt pressured to join in with drinks rounds. I now drink at my own pace and alternate with soft drinks to keep a handle on the alcohol I drink.”

Leon, Gloucester

“I started keeping an alcohol diary. Seeing on paper how much I drank in a week was a shock and the push I needed to cut back.”

Alex, Coleford


Your first step

Think of your pledge! Remember, small changes can make a big difference to your health and how you feel in yourself.


Build it up
one step at a time

Once you've created your pledge, why not share it on social media with your friends? If you'd like some help with your pledge, call our team on 0800 122 3788 or


Keep it going

By completing your pledge, you'll feel better and will be amazed at the results. Lots of small steps add up - keep going and you'll soon be your best you!