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Healthy eating

Swap salt for herbs or spices
Drink more water
Make your own ‘fakeaway’
Use a smaller plate to manage portions
Eat at the table together
Keep a food diary
Eat breakfast every day
Swap sugary cereal for porridge or eggs
Eat wholemeal bread / rice / pasta
Swap fizzy drinks for fruit juice or water
Have fruit for pudding
Swap crisps for vegetable sticks or rice cakes

Get moving

When it's local, walk (to school, shops, etc.)
Walk the long way to the shop, etc.
Take the stairs instead of the lift
Two minute activity a day: e.g.skipping, up & down the stairs, running on the spot
Have a walk after dinner (instead of vegging out)
Start a group (walking, etc)
Join a dancing class (line, Zumba, tap, ballroom, etc.)
Have a screen free hour (get moving instead)
Organise a walk / bike ride
Choose the furthest car parking space
Get off bus early & walk rest of way
Carry your shopping home


Use a smaller glass & pour less
Measure spirits, don’t free pour them
Keep an alcohol diary
Swap to lower strength drinks
Add extra ice & mixer
Have 2 alcohol free days a week
Cut back a little each day
Don’t binge drink with friends
Swap a drink for a walk
Drink spritzers or a shandy
Have a half pint (if drinking beer or cider)
Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks

Feel happy and well

Laugh more (boosts the immune system)
Volunteer – e.g. help or visit an elderly neighbour
Join a club
Learn a language/ do a puzzle (keeps your brain healthy)
Use your hands more – e.g.take up knitting (brain health)
Talk to others (not online/ phone)
Listen to, chat with or visit a friend
Play more games